What is Glamping?
GLAMPING is an outdoor vocation with comfort and convenience.
The word "GLAMPING" literally meanas glamorous camping and assumes placing guests at nature with comfortable conditions inherent to hotel service. Some call it Luxury camping.

Cozy Safari tents, yurts with large beds, modular houses, domed structures with all facilities, bathroom or shower with lavatory instead of the usual camping tents and sleeping bags.

Glamping is a new trend of eco-tourism

This is a new movement that is felt throughout.

It embodies freedom, easiness, unity with nature and with yourself.

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Why it is so popular?
• This is a promising trend of tourism industry. This market is at early stage all over the world, and especially in Russia. The niche is not occupied, but the demand for this direction already prevails over the supply.
• A wide variety of beautiful places in the wild that are not yet available for mass tourism.
• Glamping can be placed at almost any land and even in protected areas.
• High payback rate in comparison with hotels and recreation centres, due to minimised investments and high average cost per night.
• Glamping is an excellent solution for increasing the number of rooms for existing vacation hotels!

You become part of a great team. You are our partner, investor and owner of your own glamping.
Eco tourism is one of the fastest growing niches in the world.
Here you together with us change the world for the better.
Continuous team support makes you feel secure and confident for your business at every stage.
Choose your module
We offer a wide choice of modules of various configurations for any type of landscape. Seasonal and all-season options.

Our experts help you choose the most suitable options for you or create your own unique glamping.
For hotels
Are you the owner or Manager of a suburban hotel?

Do you have a shortage of rooms?

Do you have a free territory?

We will help you attract additional revenue to your business without significant expenses.
The direction of glamping is gaining popularity every day and has no analogues in the Indonesia market.

We offer you to make profitable investments and join our team of professionals.

Open a profitable business in your region!

We will build your glamping hotel in 3-5 months under our franchise with income of 36% per annum.
The profitability of GLAMPING
The volume of investments
350 000 usd*
Glamping of 15 modules
450 000 usd*
Glamping of 25 modules
600 000 usd*
Glamping of 30 modules
The profitability
Glamping of 20 modules
Payback period is up to 2 years
Glamping of 30 modules
Payback period is up to 2-3 years
Glamping of 40 modules
Payback period up to 2-3 years
About us
First of all, we are a team of professionals with many years of successful experience in this industry.

Our goal is to create a network of glamping sites in different countries of the world.

We support a new type of eco-tourism. We create a high level of service for people who love nature, yet like to enjoy urban comfort.

We are a system integrator in a new niche. We take all the best for Glamping hotels from idea to life.

We build our own glamping hotels and help others develop on this direction.

We have various solutions and suggestions of cooperation for you.

Become part of a large OneGlamping team
What could be better than emotions?
  • Event
    Any of your glamping events make unforgettable emotions and impressions in memory of your guest
  • Our unique spa programs and yoga knowledge at a retreat center in Bali
    What could be better than enjoying nature together with your friends
  • Romantic
    Individual retreat programs for our tourists
  • Journeys
    we have our own retreat hotels in Indonesia, where you can enjoy harmony with nature and restore your health
  • Corporate events
    Corporate trips and trainings at nature will help to unite your team and your company
  • Foreign networking on retreat Oneglamping in Indonesia
    Foreign tourists who explore your country will choose glamping, in order to get new impressions from singularity of your area's nature
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