Выберите размер каркаса
Room Area: 30 m2
Frame 6*6m, tent 2*4m (2 rooms)
•Room size 8m2 * 2 PCs
•16m2 terrace
•Possibility of installation with toilet and shower
•Capasity for up to 4 people
•The volume of the Safari tent is 2 m3
•Weight of the Safari tent-754 kg

The construction consists of special materials that create a special microclimate inside, keeping the heat and comfort for any region.

• Due to large area and partitions, you can separate rooms as you wish. In this way, you can make a separate children's room and it is also possible to install a toilet and shower module.

•The frame consists of metal connectors, tubes and beams. The tent is made of high-quality Material, which does not emit odors and does not decompose under UV light.

•Also because of high technologies and the double roof with a 10cm layer, no condensation is released inside the tent. Accordingly, the interior is always cozy and dry.

•Awnings are also equipped with ventilation Windows on different sides.

This design is suitable for those who like space in the room.

You can also construct a longer platform and equip a terrace. Modules such as family tent and South are suitable for premium class rooms in glamping and can make the equipment no worse than in a 5-star hotel.