OneGlamping Franchise

You open up franchising glamping. You need investments, land (in the property or its search), construction control and operational management of glamping (preparation of documents, negotiations with authorities, search for builders and personnel, monitoring of work on the spot).
The lump-sum payment is calculated from the formula and royalties from 5%
You become our partner, investor, co-owner of your own glamping and part of a large OneGlamping team.
All glamping, its equipment and machinery belong to you.
At the moment, the OneGlamping team is preparing everything necessary to prepare for the launch, construction, opening and management of glamping. In addition, we can provide templates for documents and applications for grants and subsidies for state programs to support the development of domestic and inbound tourism.
If the country and place are suitable for OneGlamping analytics and standards, then we are ready to co-invest or help with attracting our investors to this glamping project.
Training, instructions, scripts
Marketing whale, brand book
Market analytics
business and financial models
Staff Regulations
A typical glamping project for your piece of land
Modular gliding construction technology
Connect and configure
Glamping Landing on OneGlamping Single Site

on instagram and facebook
OneGlamping Glam Management IT System
Phone number and cloud telephony
Statistics, cross-cutting analytics and metrics
Booking systems (10+ services)
OneGlamping goal is to create a network of glampings in Russia
One of the main success factors is the right place to start glamping. Therefore, we will be happy to consider proposals for land for long-term lease, purchase or as an investment when opening glamping. The priority is the countries of Europe and Asia.
We will help
With procurement of materials (recommendations from trusted suppliers)
With construction
(consultations of engineers or installation supervision)
With the launch of glamping
in operation
With marketing and promotion in a single network OneGlamping
Leave a request and our expert will contact you within 1 hour to answer all your questions