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The strength of Saba
One of the recognized "places of power" near Krasnodar is the neighborhood of the village of shapsugskaya in the Abinsky district. This area on the map fits into one of the corners of the triangle, the sides of which are the riverbeds that originate here. This is why it is called the Shapsug triangle.

It just similar with the famous Bermuda triangle — this zone has unusual properties, for which some consider it sacred, and others — geopathogenic. Both seem to be right.

Stormy (Popovka). Crimea
Storm is a young resort town on the West of the Crimea With the start of the new tourist season, hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive on the Crimean Peninsula to enjoy the splendor of the local nature and have a fun time. Some prefer noisy and crowded resorts that are known far beyond the borders of the Republic. Others prefer small cozy places where you can spend time in peace and quiet. One of these oases of peace is considered to be the village of Stormy, rest in the Crimea here can be worthy!

Village Of Medveditsa on the river Medveditsa
Residential housing plots near the river from 30 acres! See the master Plan! Build a dream home on the purest river!

The cottage village "Medveditsa" and the Yacht Club are located in the Kashinsky district of the Tver region in the village of semyonovskoye, in a quiet picturesque place with a beautiful ecological environment, on the banks of the river Medveditsa and Yakhroma. The village is planned as a modern one, provided with all necessary communications for a comfortable country holiday.

Combined with peace and quiet, this will allow you to fully relax from the city bustle at any time of the year, enjoying the beauty of the river and pine forest.

Volga in the Yaroslavl region
The Volga is the largest river in Europe and one of the longest rivers in the world. Volga in the Yaroslavl region

281 km from Moscow: Volga (Uglich reservoir) is part of the Yaroslavl region near the village of Priluki in Uglich district. The length of the river on the territory of the region is 340 km, and the average width in the natural channel is 500-650 m. From Pryluky Volga flows to the North.
Valley of lakes in the South of Moscow

One of the most environmentally friendly areas with its own reservoir and surrounded by forests. Fresh air and natural sounds of nature. The territory of the village is more like a health resort. The First glamping Park in Russia is also located on this territory.

Kem. Finland
At the moment, the most famous attraction of the city is the Snow Castle, which is re-built every winter and is open from the beginning of January to April. It is the largest snow castle in the world, covering an area of up to 20,000 m2 and up to three stories in height with towers up to 20m. Inside, you will find a charming snow restaurant with ice tables and seats covered with reindeer skins. Here you will find many ice sculptures, a snow Chapel where couples come from all over the world to get married, and a Snow Hotel with rooms for two and a Suite for the newlyweds. Children can enjoy a lot of fun in the land of adventure, as well as theater performances and exhibitions of ice art throughout the season.
Lake Umbozero
Lake Umbozero is popular with tourists and fishermen. You can get to the North side on the road from the village of Revda, to the South Bank is the highway from Kirovsk. If you are kayaking along the coast, make stops and Hiking on the southern plains of Khibiny or in the tundra. Angvundaschorr mountain, the highest point of the Lovozersky tundra, is popular. Cold South and North winds blow over the lake. They occur suddenly, gusts are strong: fishermen and kayakers need to be careful and do not move away from the shore.
Village Khuzhir
Khuzhir village is located on the northwest coast of the island of Olkhon, next to Cape Burhan (Skala Shamanka), east of which is the Sarai Bay with a sandy beach, with a length of about 3 km. The tourist infrastructure of the village of Khuzhir is represented by dozens of tourist centers, mini-hotels, guest houses. From here, numerous car excursions around the island of Olkhon and water trips along the Small Sea of Lake Baikal begin.