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This model is a classic English model that has been adapted to the climatic features of our country. This design is more like a house than a tent.
Room Area: 36 m2
Covered Terrace Area: No
Number of guests: 25 people
Weight: 678 kg
The ability to install a bathroom: no
Collapsible frame tent design
Prefabricated - 1 day, 2 workers
Wind-resistant - the frame design has been tested for load-bearing capacity for 1 wind region
Can be installed without wood flooring
Additional options - the ability to order curtains for the facade
Collapsible frame tent design
Prefabricated - in just 4 hours with the help of 3 workers, you can install the structure on the finished platform.
Wind-resistant - the frame design was tested with a bearing capacity for the wind region, and also passed field tests after weathering storm winds in Utrish.
The design allows zoning of the space by means of awning or wooden partitions
Multifunctionality - can be used as a public space, a reception area, a residential block, an outdoor cafe and more
Modularity - the ability to increase space by adding similar modules
Additional options - the ability to order curtains for the facade, windows made of transparent PVC in the roof of the module
Assembly scheme and repair kit provided
This module has been tested for more than 2 years in Kamchatka and in the Krasnodar Territory
The design (6 * 6m) is designed for events. Designed for no more than 25 people. This module can accommodate the reception desk or
the kitchen. An additional option will be possible to order curtains for all sections of the public zone.