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Tent size
This model is a classic English model that has been adapted to the climatic features of our country. This design is more like a house than a tent.
Room Area: 14.8 m2
Covered Terrace Area: No
Number of guests: 2 people
Weight: 92 kg
The ability to install a bathroom: no
Excellent view of the natural environment from the bed thanks to the large door duplicated by a mosquito net.
Rigid construction that withstands the significant wind loads found in our country.
Two-layer awning. The impact from ultraviolet rays and rain takes on high-quality PVC, which does not heat up and does not emit a smell. The air gap provides a pleasant microclimate inside
Rectangular layout with pitched walls. It creates the feeling of a cozy attic and there are no security extensions.
Rectangular platform 4 * 6 m. Designed for the size of lumber, which can be found on any construction market. Our company also issues platform drawings and advises on the assembly of the platform and the module itself.
A modular design that can be changed (add or remove rooms, add bathroom units or a terrace.) It will also be convenient to wash, assemble and store it.
A new form that fits perfectly into any landscape. This model will withstand any snow and wind load. The color of the awnings can be selected at the request of the customer.