Tent «south»
Tent «SOUTH»
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This model is a classic English style that has been adapted to the climate of our country. This design is more like a house than a tent.

You can order additional options: Windows, partition, pipe outlet, install bathroom units. We also offer various programs and discounts for those who order 5 or more tents. Contact our specialist for more information.
Frame 4x4 m
  • Room size 16m2
  • Accommodation for up to 3 people
  • The volume of the Safari tent is 1.68 m3 (folded)
  • Weight of Safari tent-588 kg
  • Height 3M
Frame 3х4 m
  • Room size 12м2
  • Accommodation for up to 3 people
  • Weight of Safari tent – 588 kg
  • Height 3M
Frame 6х4 m
  • Room size 24м2
  • Accommodation for up to 5 people
  • Weight of Safari tent – 664 kg
  • Height 3M
Build process
• You get disassembled structures
For example, 15 disassembled tents can easily fit into 1 truck. Tents will arrive in special packages along with the Assembly scheme.

• According to the Assembly scheme two people can easily assemble the structure in 6 hours. If necessary, our specialists will consult your workers.
• This module can be heated by various systems. It is already equipped to install heating systems.

• Our experts will advise you in selecting a heating system for your region.
Climate features
• The construction consists of special materials that create a special microclimate inside, keeping the heat and comfort for all regions.
• Also because of technology and the double roof with a 10 cm layer, no condensation is released inside the tent. The interior is always cozy and dry.
• The tents are also equipped with 2 ventilation Windows on the sides.
Structural stability
This module has already passed many tests, having survived hurricanes and snowfalls. The structures are very strong and reliable. They have a long service life.
Why this particular architecture and color?
  • The main thing in glamping is the view, so we made a large door-window, duplicated by a mosquito net
  • Your guests can enjoy the sunset without getting out of bed
  • The pitched roof can withstand snow loads
  • The module system allows you to change the size of the module
  • The color of tents can be selected at production