Choose frame size
This model is a classic English model that has been adapted to the climatic features of our country. This design is more like a house than a tent.
Room Area: 16 m2
Covered Terrace Area: No
Number of guests: 3 people
Weight: 588 kg
The ability to install a bathroom: no
How to collect?
The design comes to the customer disassembled
(glamping in the amount of 15 pieces fits easily into the truck)
the above parameters, packed in special
materials, together with the assembly diagram.
Two workers will easily assemble this module as a designer
in 6 hours according to the assembly scheme. Our specialists
will advise your workers on emerging workers.
This module can be heated with various heating systems, depending on your region. We give advice on choosing a heater.

The module is equipped with a special valve that allows you to use both the heater and the air conditioner.
Is it hot inside in the summer?
Thanks to a special combination of fabrics, our technologies recreated a special microclimate inside the module to make it comfortable both in the southern and northern regions. Also, condensation does not stand out inside our modules, so inside it is always comfortably dry.
In the safari tent there are 2 roofs with an air gap of 10 cm.
Also, our module is equipped with 2 ventilation windows on the sides.
Is the design windproof?
We carried out this module in 25 glamping in Russia, having survived both hurricanes in Astrakhan and snowfalls in Kamchatka. The design also has a load calculation.
Why such architecture and color?
The main thing in glamping is the view, so we made a large door-window dubbed with a mosquito net. Your guests can enjoy the sunset without getting out of bed.
The pitched roof allows you to withstand snow loads.
The modular system allows you to resize the module.
The color of the awnings can be chosen at the factory